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Ready to pitch your project? Here are some helpful tips to help you prepare your pitch:

DO - Prepare a one page synopsis, providing the logline and synopsis - in your own words - do not try and fake the language or put in a way you think the industry wants to see it, just use plain English.

DO - Prepare a 2nd page giving the background for the concept - again in your own words - tell us where this idea came from and if this is based in reality, tell us the environment, paint the picture.

DO - Be prepared to discuss in detail why you are the right person to partner with and make this show; e.g. do you have unique experience in the topic, can you muster the cast necessary to be successful, do you have any sponsorships or (name) talent signed on to take part in this project, etc.

If this show is based on a new proposed reality star, be ready to provide some tape on them, and any related materials, e.g. articles, links, etc. and be ready to have them signed up to cooperate fully with the preparation.

DO NOT shoot a pilot - this is NOT the way, we need cast videos for reality/unscripted shows, and a proof of concept trailer for scripted, NOTHING more...and those should be done with our guidance and involvement.

Lastly, DO register your concept either with the copyright office, before submitting to anyone

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